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Call us to come measure your project and discuss. your stone needs. If you have a  cabinet layout with dimensions, we can get started with that. 


Once we know what size material you need, we will look through the material in our warehouse or send you to the appropriate stone yard to select your perfect pieces. Whatever your needs, we will find you exactly what you're looking for.


Now that you've selected your top material choices, we will send you a quote outlining exactly what you can expect to receive. From here, we will send you the proper contract with start and completion dates and a payment schedule.


Receiving your signed contract back allows us to legally move forward. Once your material is ready to be cut, you will have the option of coming to the shop to layout your template. This can be particularly important if you selected a slab with movement, we want to ensure the design is how you envisioned it. 


It's installation time! We will coordinate based on your schedule. Once your installation is complete, we will explain how to care for the stone and answer any questions you have. 

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